Travel Insurance Services by HECT India

Travel Insurance Services by HECT India Conferences and Events Pvt Ltd

Your Safeguard for Seamless Journeys

Welcome to HECT India Conferences and Events Pvt Ltd's Travel Insurance Services – your trusted partner for worry-free and secure travel experiences. Whether you're attending our conferences or exploring the world on your own or with us, we understand the importance of comprehensive travel protection.

Our Travel Insurance Coverage:

1. Conference-Specific Coverage:

Tailored insurance solutions for attendees of HECT India Conferences, ensuring you have the necessary coverage during your event participation.

2. Comprehensive Travel Protection:

Our travel insurance plans cover a range of unforeseen circumstances, including trip cancellations, medical emergencies, lost baggage, and more.

3. Global Assistance Services:

Access 24/7 global assistance services for emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, and travel support, ensuring you're never alone in times of need.

Why Choose HECT India's Travel Insurance:

1. Tailored for Event Attendees/Conferences/International Trips/Individual Holidays :

Our insurance plans are designed with the unique needs of conference, event attendees, leisure trips, international group and individual trips in mind, offering specialized coverage for all type of travel and trips.

2. Easy Application Process:

Simplify your insurance experience with our user-friendly application process. Get coverage in just a few clicks and focus on what matters – your journey.

3. Competitive Rates:

Enjoy cost-effective travel insurance without compromising on coverage. We offer competitive rates to make sure you're protected without breaking the bank.

How to Obtain Travel Insurance:

  1. Conference Attendees:

    • Access the dedicated travel insurance section from our website or calls us to help you find the suiatable plan.
    • Choose the coverage options that suit your needs.
  2. Independent Travelers:

    • Visit our online portal to explore and purchase travel insurance.
    • Select your coverage and duration for a personalized quote.

Contact Us:

Have questions or need assistance with your travel insurance? Our dedicated support team is here to help.

  • Email:
  • Phone: +91 9811396302 / 9999599100
  • Visit us: UG - 23, Westend Mall, District Center Janakpuri, New Delhi - 110058

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Travel confidently with HECT India's Travel Insurance – because every journey deserves protection!